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11th July 2016

What a load of rubbish (or, do you want a WMP with that TIR?)

ratio:traffic have for years been helping to solve the problems of waste collection and transport, related to residential and commercial developments. This has been especially where developments are too big for regular Council ‘kerbside’ rubbish collections, so there needs to be provision on-site for private waste collection.

Over the last two years, we have prepared Waste Management Plans [WMP’s] for projects in many Council areas. We are fully familiar with the Sustainability Victoria Guide to Best Practice for Waste Management in Multi Unit Developments Guidelines, as well as various Council guidelines, and we liaise with Council Waste Management Teams on a regular basis. We also work closely with commercial waste collection operators [in fact, we are currently doing the traffic design work for a new Waste Transfer Station in Dandenong South]. That means we are right up-to-date with recent trends such as:

  • low-rise, compact trucks for restricted sites as pictured;
  • chute systems and bin carousels for high-rise buildings;
  • amenity considerations both within buildings and public areas;
  • equipment requirements, such as compactors, bin tugs, glass crushers;
  • special requirements for medical and other hazardous materials; and
  • access and circulation considerations for future occupants of the development and waste contractor requirements.

WMP’s are often required as a condition of a Planning Permit, to ensure the unique challenge of waste management requirements are well considered and resolved during the design stages of a project as we increasingly move towards higher density developments.

Ratio: can now prepare comprehensive WMP’s, providing the normal calculations of storage needs, but also assisting our clients in spatial design, transfer arrangement, identification of future proofing opportunities and truck access and circulation needs. These comprehensive WMP’s can be prepared in association with ratio: Traffic Impact Reports [TIR’s] or separately. 

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