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7 May 2020

Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce – Threshold and Assessment Criteria Released

Readers will be aware of the announcement of the Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce from our recent newsletter edition yesterday.

DELWP has now released the Priority Project Eligibility Criteria which features an expansive list of ‘stage 1 threshold’ and ‘stage 2 assessment’ criterion that will be duly considered with each request.

There has been much speculation around what projects would be eligible, noting new information and changes are being released daily, however the latest release provides welcomed clarity and certainty for the industry. 

Significantly, there is no minimum project value prescribed within the final criteria (N.B. this was previously mooted as $100M), instead emphasis is placed on the capacity of projects to deliver a variety of economic benefits.  It is expected that the efforts of the Taskforce will, nevertheless, be primarily focused on major projects.

The key elements of the criteria are summarised below.

Stage 1 - Threshold Criteria for Taskforce Triage 

On its face, Ministerial intervention is warranted based on:

  • Issues of fairness or public interest.
  • State or regional significance.
  • Public value  
  • Major issue of policy and achievement or development of “planning objectives”
  • Decision has been unreasonably delayed

The project should demonstrate the following:

  • Economic benefits including jobs, capital value, innovation
  • Net community benefit such as social and affordable housing and environmental sustainability
  • Aligns to government policy objectives
  • Stakeholder support, views are know or can be ascertained quickly  
  • Project complexity and speed of delivery
  • Feasible proposal and shovel ready
  • Probity can be assured

Stage 2 – Priority Projects Assessment Criteria Applied by PFTT

For projects that get past the ‘gateway’ as described above, the Department has provided a detailed set of assessment criteria which are captured within the following themes:

  • Economic
  • Social and environmental
  • Policy alignment
  • Stakeholder views
  • Project complexity and speed
  • Project feasibility
  • Probity

For a request to be successful it will be necessary to demonstrate a suitable response to the range of criteria as released, and while it may not be possible or realistic  for every project to meet all criteria, the Government will be required to duly consider and balance the merits of each request having regard to the broader goals of economic recovery.

If you wish to discuss or clarify whether your current or upcoming project is eligible for fast tracking, please get in touch with your existing contact or Robbie McKenzie, Planning Director. 


Authors: Claire Helfer, Senior Planner and Robbie McKenzie, Director: Planning


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