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6th March 2017

VicSmart expanded as part of ‘Homes for Victorians’ initiative

The Planning Minister announced on 2 March that the current VicSmart Process is being extended to include additional categories of applications.

VicSmart applications aim to streamline processes by limiting the information that can be requested by Council and providing exemptions to notice requirements.  Council’s have 10 days to make a decision on an application once all information is provided for the application.  

Currently, applications permitted under a VicSmart application include front fences, minor works within a heritage or special building overlay, signage, subdivision and removal of one tree.  Refer to Clause 92 of the Planning Scheme for a full list of applications which can be applied for via VicSmart.

It is proposed to include the following classes of applications within VicSmart:

  • a single storey extension to a single dwelling where specific design criteria are met
  • buildings and works up to $100,000 in residential zones, where not associated with a dwelling
  • building and works up to $1 million in industrial areas.
  • building and works up to $500,000 in commercial and some special purpose areas.
  • a range of low impact developments in rural areas (up to $500,000 in agricultural settings and $250,000 in more sensitive rural settings)
  • small scale types of buildings and works in selected overlays
  • subdivision, advertising signs and car parking.

 These changes will be incorporated into planning schemes, and take effect in coming months.

This is part of a suite of changes proposed to the planning system as part of the ‘Homes for Victorians’ initiative which seeks to make housing more affordable and accessible. 

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