ratio:'s transport planning team offers our clients high level, innovative, strategic advice, which encourages the use of sustainable transport modes, including walking, cycling and public transport.

Sustainable Transport Planning

From public transport to bike-sharing, ratio: works with private & public clients to research, plan and recommend the most suitable sustainable transport solutions for the specific needs of each project. Where needed, our team seamlessly integrates with ratio:'s planning and traffic engineering teams.

Bike Planning

As we strive to achieve a less car-reliant city, ratio: has developed innovative and space-efficient bicycle storage solutions to help make cycling an attractive travel mode alternative, drawing on our experience with the large range of bicycle storage products currently on the market.

Green Travel Plans

Green travel is an increasing priority in today’s world – we work with multiple stakeholders to determine the best methods to promote and achieve sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport for a range of organisations including schools and workplaces.

Major Event Planning

ratio: works with major sports and entertainment event organisers to create safe and secure traffic plans that protect competitors, participants and spectators. We recognise the unique transport requirements of large-scale events and the difference that good planning makes.