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18th July 2017

Staying ahead of the curve . . .

ratio: takes it's role in providing advice on a range of issues affecting the property development industry seriously: from the latest updates on the Residential Zones, the Better Apartment Design Standards or the latest on major infrastructure investment such as the Metro Tunnel.

Our newsletters, typically published once a fortnight, give us an opportunity to bring our clients, peers and colleagues the latest news and insights. 

What you may not know is that ratio: also publishes regularly on our LinkedIn page with updates and information of a whole range of issues.  Recent updates include:

  • The release of the Department Guidelines on BADs
  • The affordable housing bill
  • The residential zone reforms
  • Discussion of important VCAT decisions with implications for future development applications

These posts provide up to date insights into a range of issues that influence the property development industry.  Our LinkedIn page enables us to comment on a range of issues in real time.

To stay up to date with the latest news, with genuine insight and reflection, follow us at LinkedIn

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