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Slate House


7 Bleazby Avenue

slate house 1
  • Client

    Lucent Capital

  • Council

    Bayside City Council

  • Location

    7 Bleazby Avenue, Brighton

  • Contact

    Sam D’Amico


Development Summary

The construction of a three-storey (plus basement) building accommodating 14 dwellings and associated car parking.

Project Characteristics

This elegant development was designed by Austin Maynard Architects for Lucent Capital.

Whilst being one attached building, the development has effectively been split into two to create smaller communities within the one site.

True to Lucent Capital's form, the proposal has strong environmental credentials ensuring no fossil fuels and 7.5 star NatHERS rating.

ratio: was able to negotiate with the Council and the neighbours to alleviate their concerns and ensure the matter was resolved at a compulsory conference, avoiding the need for a full hearing.

If you are interested in the project, please follow this link to the project website: Slate House