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17 February 2020

Plan Melbourne Addendum

An Addendum to Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 has been implemented into planning schemes via Amendment VC168. The addendum provides an update on Melbourne’s projected population, housing and employment growth and key land use and transport planning. 

Fun facts:

  • Forecast population growth in 2051 increasing from 7.9m to 8.4m (additional 500,000).
  • Population aged 65 years and over in 2051 projected to increase from 13.7% to 18.5%.
  • Greater proportion of lone-person and couple only households, families with children will remain most common.
  • School-age population projected to grow by 500,000 by 2051.
  • Employment growth increasing from 690,000 to 900,000 (additional 210,000 jobs required) across all regions by 2031.  Noted need for job growth within Melbourne’s growth areas to support population growth.
  • Protection and retention of existing industrial land is critical to ensure industrial uses can continue.  Some State-Significant Industrial Precincts (SSIPs) are close to exhaustion of their industrial land – namely the southern SSIP.  Metropolitan Melbourne has approximately 23 years supply of zoned land and 15 years supply of unzoned land for industrial purposes. 
  • Government committed to protecting green wedges and maintaining the urban growth boundary.
  • Increased demand for commercial floorspace, given growth of service / knowledge based economy.
  • Transport system capacity will need to expand to cope with additional 11.8m trips per day by 2050 (was previously forecast to be additional 10.4m).
  • Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR), North-East Link and Suburban Rail Loop all added to the list of committed projects.
  • Priority precincts: these are places of state significance defined in Plan Melbourne and have been nominated on their ability to accommodate major population growth, catalyse economic activity and maximise the value of government investments for the community.  They comprise Arden, Fishermans Bend, Footscray, Parkville, Richmond to Docklands and Sunshine.
  • Place-based community partnership approach to developing 20-minute neighbourhoods was recently tested through a pilot program and deemed an important concept.

The update reflects the positive outlook for ongoing development within Metropolitan Melbourne, with continued growth still forecast. It will be interesting to see how the major infrastructure projects will evolve – noting current debate about preferred arrangement for the MAR and the mooted Supreme Court action against North East Link (let alone current tunnelling delays with the West Gate Tunnel).


Author: Alice Maloney, Senior Associate: Planning

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