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Nightingale Anstey

Waste Management

Nightingale Anstey

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  • Client

    Nightingale Housing

  • Council

    Moreland City Council

  • Location

    216 Albion St, Brunswick

  • Contact

    Mitchell Fairlie


“By 2046, Victoria is expected to produce 40% more waste than it did in 2017–18. If we don’t act now, this will put pressure on our waste and recycling system, increase landfill, and create more greenhouse gas emissions.” – Victorian Government

At Ratio, we understand the importance of education and behavioural change to help people reduce their impact on the environment. As waste consultants, we see a real opportunity in the early stages of the development process to have a positive impact on how communities deal with their waste.

Our waste team recently worked with Nightingale Housing to create a ‘waste minimisation’ focus in the Waste Management Plan developed for their recent Nightingale Anstey development in Brunswick.  

Existing Nightingale Housing communities already manage their waste output better than most:

  • They generate approximately 50% less waste than typical multi-unit developments.
  • They provide systems that encourage waste stream separation.
  • They promote the sharing of equipment and resources, such as tools, laundry appliances and cleaning products.
  • They give residents the opportunity to compost their food organics for use on their own gardens.

Ratio prepared a Waste Management Plan that embedded Nightingale’s ethos into a tangible document that acts from Day 1 as both an education piece for the new community of residents and commercial tenants as well as a working plan for the owner’s corporation.

Ratio’s Waste Management Plan for Nightingale Anstey:

  •  Listed practical tips for residents and commercial tenants to reduce their waste output and to reuse and recycle valuable resources.
  • Comprised a waste system that encouraged users to sort their waste into general waste, mixed recyclables, paper and cardboard, soft plastics, organics, e-waste and hard waste, to divert waste from landfill and minimise waste collection costs.
  • Incorporated a cardboard baler that makes for easier cardboard recycling and saved on space and collection costs and frequency.
  • Resulted in a smaller waste room footprint, reflective of Nightingale’s reduced waste outputs.
  • Demonstrated how a small waste collection vehicle could gain access to the rear laneway network to collect the bins on collection days.

Ratio’s Waste Management Plan was endorsed by Moreland City Council, and the development is expected to be completed in early 2022. We look forward to continuing our work with Nightingale Housing and other communities in developing waste minimisation strategies to reduce their waste-print on the environment.

“The overall aim of this Waste Management Plan is to reduce the amount of waste produced, manage the collation and collection appropriately and in turn promote a more sustainable society.

 By adopting waste minimisation, you as an integral member of Nightingale Anstey can do your part to reduce the impact that the development has on the surrounding environment and assist Moreland City Council in achieving its’ zero waste to landfill by 2030.”

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