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25 May 2020

Moreland Council Parking Overhaul Delayed

A key outcome of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (adopted in 2019) was the adoption of maximum car parking rates for new residential developments within Coburg, Glenroy and Brunswick Major Activity Centres. The recommendation and accompanying Parking Implementation Plan were important steps to Moreland achieving its vision for zero emissions and aspirational mode shift targets. The Minister for Planning approved the exhibition of Amendment C183 during 2019 and in February 2020 a panel was appointed to hear submissions on the proposed amendment.

While the Panel supported the overall strategic and policy justifications of the planning scheme amendment, the Panel’s report recommended further surveys and modelling to be undertaken to fully understand any impacts which may be created by the proposed planning scheme controls. The process sought by the Panel generally aligns with Practice Note 57 The Parking Overlay, of the Victorian Planning Scheme and thus the current process represents an important test-case for other Councils seeking to develop and implement parking plans for activity centres. 

Subsequently, at a recent meeting of Moreland City Council on 13 May 2020, Councillors voted to abandon the current process, and to undertake the recommended survey and modelling work, including a new planning scheme amendment process, to commence in 2021.

Another key action of the Parking Implementation Plan included the roll-out of short term 2-hour parking restrictions within the Major Activity Centres. The implementation of these restrictions, which has already commenced, will continue to be rolled out and will form an important basis for modelling future conditions. Data collection, and further engagement with the community will be undertaken once social distancing measures implemented as part of the Covid-19 situation have been relaxed. Until the new amendment process has been completed, applications for new developments within Brunswick, Coburg and Glenroy Activity Centres will continue to be subject to the existing planning controls, including the minimum parking provision rates under Clause 52.06 (Column B).


Author: Ben Krastins, Senior Engineer


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