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14 February 2018


On 14 December 2017, Amendment C142 was gazetted and now forms part of the Moreland Planning Scheme.

This amendment introduces a new Clause 22.07 – Apartment Developments of Five of more Storeys, as well as including the Moreland Apartment Design Code (MADC) as a reference document. To align with these changes, Clauses 21.02, 21.03 and 21.04 have also been updated to correctly reference Clause 22.07 and MADC.

Despite the recent introduction of Clause 58 and the Better Apartment Design Standards (BADS) into planning schemes across Victoria, Moreland Council have sought to introduce Clause 22.07 as a way of providing more detailed guidance on two areas of building design that they considered were not adequately covered in Clause 58; building separation and lightwells.

The policy deals with building separation as a means of providing for appropriate internal amenity and equitable development outcomes in areas where taller buildings are encouraged. It applies a series of numerical requirements through a sliding scale that effectively seeks greater separation as a building increases in height (See image below).

Lightwells are dealt with in a similar way whereby the width and area requirements increase as a building increases in height.

The MADC reference document was developed prior to the introduction of Clause 58 and BADS. Readers familiar with this history will be aware that Amendment C142 originally included a full suite of MADC design standards as part of Clause 22.07 but due to duplication with Clause 58 / BADS, a number of design standards were removed from the final version of Clause 22.07. The two design standards that remain within Clause 22.07 were retained as Moreland City Council considered that Clause 58 / BADS does not sufficiently address these areas. 

The full suite of MADC design standards are retained within the document and being a reference document to the scheme, it will be given some weight in the assessment of applications. Whilst many of MADCs design objectives and standards ‘double up’ with Clause 58, initial discussions with Council indicate that that a full MADC response will not be required as well as a Clause 58 response.

If you are looking to develop land within the City of Moreland and wold like to know more about the provisions of Clause 22.07 or MADC, please contact ratio:.

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Author: Andrew Guthrie (Town Planner) and Blanche Manuel (Associate: Planning)

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