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14th November 2016

Minister ‘Puts the Slows’ on Fishermans Bend

The Government has announced further reforms to planning controls in Fishermans Bend that are expected to greatly impact the intensity and nature of future development proposals in the precinct.

The Minister for Planning, Hon. Richard Wynne MP, has used his powers of intervention to approve Amendment GC50 which applies a number of new interim mandatory controls and policies affecting Fishermans Bend.

The key features of GC50 include:                                          

A new Design and Development Overlay with a sunset clause of 31 March 2018, which imposes the following mandatory requirements:

  • Maximum building height controls – ranging from 4 to 40 storeys depending on sub-precincts
  • Streetwall height  – 5 storeys or 20m whichever is lesser
  • Tower setback – 10m to front, side and rear boundaries (laneway setbacks measured from centreline of laneway)
  • Tower separation – 20m

A new local policy that seeks discretionary targets of:

  • At least 30% of dwellings should have 3 bedrooms.
  • At least 6% of dwellings should be affordable housing.
  • At least 15% of the total habitable gross floor area should be non-residential.
  • At least 60% of the street frontage should be a non-residential use along key roads

Update the strategic framework plan and provide new design guidance.

According to the Minister, the decision to give prompt approval of GC50 was “to ensure the Fishermans Bend precinct is immediately protected from the risk of inappropriate intensive forms of development which may compromise the future liveability and orderly planning of the precinct”.

It is anticipated that the new requirements will significantly diminish the development potential of many sites throughout Fishermans Bend.  For example, a proposal exceeding 5 storeys is unlikely to be realised on sites of less than 20m width due to the mandatory nature of the proposed tower setback controls. 

As the next steps, the Minister will commence an amendment process to formulate permanent controls for Fishermans Bend which ratio: hopes will involve public exhibition and independent review by an expert panel.

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