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Planning & Traffic

Cnr. Nicholson & Miller Streets

1715 little miller
  • Client

    Lucent Capital

  • Council

    Moreland City Council

  • Location

    Cnr. Nicholson & Miller Streets, Brunswick

  • Contact

    Sam D'Amico


Development Summary

The construction of a six-storey, mixed-use development (plus basement) accommodating shops, food and drink premises (café), 66 dwellings and associated car parking.

Project Characteristics

This exciting project was designed by ClarkeHopkinsClarke for Lucent Capital and seeks to convert an old service station site into an environmentally friendly and socially conscious gateway to the Balfe Park Precinct.

Whilst effectively one attached building, the development has been split into two. The portion of the building fronting Nicholson Street contains ground level commercial/retail uses and 38 apartments above. The 38 dwellings were designed to be a Nightingale Housing development, with the 28 Miller Street apartments being a ‘typical’ apartment. However, there is nothing typical about this development, which achieves a 7.5 NatHERS rating.

Nightingale Housing is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to support, promote and advocate for high-quality housing that is ecologically, socially, financially sustainable. Nightingale Housing requires that developments be 100% fossil fuel free, have a capped and transparent project profits, which creates an ability to provide for housing at below market cost, seeks to provide a positive contribution to the neighbourhood and promotes social sustainability by building in social connection and community management.

Both buildings have great internal amenity, with no borrowed light or saddleback apartments, ample areas of private and communal open space and a communal laundry on the roof of the Nicholson Street building.

ratio: is proud to have been involved with this project.