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Mercedes-Benz Australia


City of Monash

Lexia Place, Mulgrave
  • Client

    Mercedes-Benz Australia

  • Council

    City of Monash

  • Location

    Lexia Place, Mulgrave

  • Contact

    Russell Symons


Project Summary

Several years ago, ratio: provided traffic engineering advice to Mercedes Benz for their Melbourne City (Kings Way) car dealership. That covered aspects such as left turn deceleration off Kings Way, main driveway layout, internal traffic circulation for staff parking, customer parking, vehicles to and from service bays (including multi-level) and commercial vehicle deliveries.

Those aspects were reviewed in 2016 to accommodate growth in the volume of sales and service at the dealership.

Also in 2016, ratio: both Traffic and Planning, assisted Mercedes Benz to achieve a Planning Permit for its new van sales and service facility in Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne.

Now in 2017, ratio: is working again for Mercedes Benz, this time reviewing the layout of its Mulgrave Wholesale Office facility with respect to vehicle circulation and parking. The Mulgrave site accommodates about 500 administration and operational staff, with storage and work areas for fleet, demonstrator and military vehicles.