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1 September 2021

Meet Elizabeth Heath, Landscape Architect

Landscape architect, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Heath joined the Ratio team in July 2021 to help launch the brand-new Gippsland office.

Liz points to the timely advantage of setting up shop in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland:

“There’s been a real shift in people’s mindsets about their working life and how they can achieve living regionally, therefore the property value in Gippsland has soared. We can lead the direction of these towns and facilities according to a population that’s moving in. There are a lot of opportunities for urban design and streetscape projects we can get involved in and help make a difference to the functionality and presentation of the area”.

From a young age, Liz knew she was interested in design work and spurred on her parents’ interest in gardening, she pursued a career as a landscape architect, working for EDAW in Melbourne and Adelaide (now integrated with Aecom); the City of Melbourne; East Gippsland Shire Council; and as a sole practitioner.

“I design outdoors spaces that complement landscapes and their connection and aesthetic value, whether it’s a large facility, a reserve, a streetscape or a backyard. I consider the planting design and the outdoor furniture; how that integrates, correlates and is perceived as an entity.”

Born and raised in Metung, Liz has lived both locally, in Melbourne city and abroad, calling San Francisco, London, Edinburgh and Canada home at various stages, before returning to Gippsland where she enjoys bike riding, boating and skiing with her family.

When asked to work at Ratio, Liz jumped at the opportunity to work alongside Director Tim Biles, who she has known for more than 10 years after both were contracted to work on the same holiday park.

We are delighted for Liz to join our Gippsland team and can’t wait to see the impact her unique skills have on our new office. 

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