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Golf Links Road, Narre Warren

Urban Design

Golf Links Road

Narre Warren
golf links road narre warren
  • Client

    Reech Pty Ltd

  • Council

    City of Casey

  • Location

    Golf Links Road, Narre Warren

  • Contact

    Maureen Benier + Alice Maloney


Development Summary

Ratio completed an urban design analysis of the initial design response for 400 residences at Golf Links Rd, Narre Warren following the City of Casey’s concerns for the density and scale of the original proposal. A concept masterplan was produced to test a site responsive subdivisional layout that responded to Council's requirements, the precinct Vision, and targeted the client's yield expectations as best possible.

The final concept prepared by Ratio focused on the natural character of the site and the surrounding context. In turn, it delivered a community focused design that would reinstate Council's confidence in the masterplan and the development approach. To deliver the community benefit of large open space and extended wetlands, the dwelling model consisted entirely of medium and high density product. The four original 5-storey apartment forms were substituted with multiple townhouses and three 5-storey apartment forms to make up the dwelling numbers required in order for the development to be financially viable. The final yield achieved to strike a balance was 320 residences.

Project Characteristics

The development is located on land covered by natural waterbodies and marshland for more than 50% of the site area. The concept masterplan therefore deals with numerous challenges including an Urban Flood Zone (UFZ), and a Land Subject To Inundation Overlay (LSIO). To this effect, basement car parking was limited and the buildings were restricted to outside the Urban Flood Zone.

To the north lies an existing public open space of which Council required the new development to connect, to the south lies the Hallam Main Drain which required upgrading, and wetlands are located to the west. Further south is the Hallam Main Drain Reserve, a large parkland that services the region, and the new development Alira, which includes a new town centre. The sites' close proximity (within 200m) of this new town centre and numerous large parklands, beckons a denser residential development than would normally be envisaged for the Narre Warren area given the lack of public transport.

The final layout creates significant view corridors through the site on a north-south axis, connecting with the existing north neighbourhood and to the southern landscape features. The west wetlands are continued through the site to provide a landscape and habitat feature, and pedestrian links were proposed with a bridge over the Main Hallam Drain to connect with the southern neighbourhoods including Alira. Residential clusters were introduced to help break the mass of the dense development, to reflect the existing and arising character of the precinct. The cluster forms allowed for permeability and solar corridors to further enhance wellbeing and a sunny sense of place.

This exceptional project delivers on a number of primary urban design principles and objectives. Reinstating Councils’ in-principle support of the redevelopment of the land was a key component in giving our client the confidence to pursue a development with a different typology and intensity than the surrounding context.