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Galilee R.C Primary School


Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School

South Melbourne
galilee regional catholic primary school 01
  • Client

    Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School

  • Council

    City of Port Phillip approval by Minister’s office

  • Location

    South Melbourne

  • Contact

    Scott Matheson


Development Summary

The development sought to replace an existing building with a contemporary three-storey school building to allow a range of functions including sports, performing arts and open air education spaces.

Project Characteristics

The development is on an existing primary school campus in a constrained inner city location. The surrounding context and conservative planning controls required a site responsive design that complemented the surrounding character. Given recent changes to the approvals process for non-governmental schools, ratio: was engaged at the pre-application stage to liaise with Council and State government stakeholders on behalf of the project. Ratio also worked closely with architects Clarke Hopkins Clarke, Catholic Education Melbourne and school stakeholders to deliver an approval that met the existing and future needs of the Galilee community.

The new building’s façade has been expertly designed to reflect features of surrounding heritage buildings. Internally, the building has been designed in a way that passively interacts with the central parts of the school campus at ground level. New classrooms, open air learning and a performing arts space will provide students with an innovative education experience. A competition size basketball court will provide a space that can be used by students and community groups in a part of Melbourne where there is a lack of facilities.

The site’s interfaces and the existing heritage of the school site required careful consideration from Clarke Hopkins Clarke and our planners. The design response provides a welcoming pedestrian entrance from Bank Street, with a clear sense of address and new planting along the frontage.

Ratio worked closely with the school’s stakeholders, the project team, and planners at the City of Port Phillip and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to deliver an approval that met project timeframes and allowed demolition of the existing buildings to commence in the summer holidays. Our planners liaised with heritage, landscape and Arborist experts to prepare important components of the development – a Heritage Interpretation Strategy will ensure the integrity of the previous building is preserved long into the future.

We look forward to seeing this development built and contributing to the South Melbourne community.

galilee regional catholic primary school 01
galilee regional catholic primary school 02