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13 August 2018

Glen Eira: Interim Controls Announced

Following Council’s adoption of Structure Plans for the Elsternwick, Carnegie and Bentleigh Activity Centres, the Minister is set to gazette the interim built form controls this coming Thursday 16 August 2018.  

So far the interim height controls for each centre have been revealed, although many of the finer details of the controls (e.g. setback requirements) are not yet known.


Schedule 10 to the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) will relate to the Elsternwick Activity Centre.  

Height controls range from the lowest order of scale being the Heritage Character (residential) precinct limited to 9m, comprising up to 2 storeys, to the highest order of scale with the permissible maximum height of 43m, comprising up to 12 storeys for the Urban Renewal precinct.

For Elsternwick, the interim height limits approved by the Minister align with Council’s proposal, however are identified as discretionary not mandatory. The setback controls are also to be made discretionary

The DDO10 for Elsternwick will expire on 30 June 2020.

Carnegie and Bentleigh

Schedules 8 and 9 to the DDO will relate to the Bentleigh and Carnegie Activity Centres.  The interim height limits approved by the Minister align with Council’s proposal for mandatory heights.

The lowest order precinct, ‘minimal change’ or ‘heritage character’ are capped at a 9m maximum building height, comprising 2 storeys.  At the upper end of the range, Carnegie features Urban Renewal B precinct which is capped at a maximum of 43m, 12 storeys, and Bentleigh features Strategic Sites which allows up to 19m, 5 storeys.

For Carnegie and Bentleigh, the setback controls are to be made discretionary

The DDO8 and DDO9 will expire on 31 December 2019.

Further details shall be revealed later this week, and from then the Council will work on the permanent controls which will be exhibited to the public and tested before an Independent Panel.

Should you wish to discuss the above controls and how these may affect you, please get in touch with Claire Helfer or your existing contact at Ratio on 9429 3111.


Author: Claire Helfer, ratio: Senior Planner

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