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Electrical Promotion Sign



electrical promotional sign web 2
  • Client


  • Council

    City of Melbourne

  • Location

    536-542 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  • Contact

    William Bromhead


VCAT has issued a planning permit for construction and display of a high wall electrical promotion sign, sized 17m2, to appear on a building located at 536-542 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Ratio’s planning team helped to facilitate the installation of an electric promotion panel sign, the first of its type for the heritage precinct. The building supporting the sign has previously undergone partial demolition and alterations in accordance with a previous planning permit.

This application involved negotiation with Council and a successful VCAT outcome.

As part of the conditions of the permit, the electronic sign must broadcast community information and public interest material such as news bulletins, weather forecasts and content posted by Melbourne City Council, free of charge, for 10 minutes of every hour.   

electrical promotional sign web 2