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19 July 2018

Cultural Heritage Sensitivity - Check, Check and Check Again

There has recently been a series of amendments to the State Government Planning mapping, specifically those areas which are deemed to be located within an area of Cultural Heritage Sensitivity.

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria (AAV) has recently updated the areas which are of Cultural Heritage Sensitivity or are of potential significance. The new mapping highlights additional areas which are often a substantial distance from existing waterways and coastlines, and are in highly developed areas which may at a glance appear unlikely to be included as sensitive.  

For example, our recent review of the southeast metropolitan region (including Glen Eira, Bayside and Kingston) has revealed that large tracts of land which were previously unaffected are now identified as being within areas of Cultural Heritage Sensitivity. In turn, any existing or future planning applications in such areas may trigger the need for a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP), or otherwise as a minimum a determination from AAV that a CHMP is not required.

Here at Ratio we've been busy reviewing each current job we are involved with (again!) to ensure that any mapping implications upon our clients jobs are discovered and can be addressed at the earliest possible stage. We encourage our clients to be diligent in double checking land which they have acquired or are considering purchasing or developing, and to carry out an updated review of property portfolios to avoid any future surprises.

For further information on the potential implications of these mapping updates upon your development, please contact Brian Minogue or your usual Ratio contact.

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