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25th August 2016

Changes to the powers of delegation for Boroondara

The City of Boroondara has this week released an updated Instrument of Delegation to Council staff. Effectively this means that the ‘threshold’ or ‘trigger’ for planning matters to go to a full Council Meeting, which are held once a month, will be increased which will likely lead to faster decision making.

One of the main aspects of the review was the way in which a planning application can be determined at either a Statutory Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC), held every Monday, or at the Urban Planning Special Committee (UPSC), held once a fortnight.  The SPAC meeting is attended by the Ward Councillor and several other Councillors on a weekly basis to determine planning applications that meet the following criteria:

  • Applications with between 6-12 objections with some exceptions;
  • Applications for buildings that exceed the preferred maximum overall building height on land affected by the Design and Development Overlay – Schedule 17 that receive 1-12 objections; and
  • Applications for 3-storey dwelling/s or 3-storey residential buildings within the General Residential Zone (excluding residentially-zoned land located within the boundaries of an activity centre) that receive 1-12 objections

This criteria increases the complexity and diversity of matters referred to the SPAC so that the Committee provides their views to officers for consideration prior to the approval of these matters.  In addition, the change to the Deed of Delegation also allows for the creation of categories of development that can be approved by officers, regardless of the number of objections received.

Effectively, this will decrease the number of applications decided at the UPSC meetings and therefore, with around four SPAC meetings per month, will result in a quicker timeframe in which a decision will be made on a Planning Application. 

For a full description of the updated Instrument of Delegation select here.

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