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18 December 2020

2020 Reflection, by Colleen Peterson (CEO)

Who would have thought as we entered 2020 that the year would have unfolded as it did? It’s been a challenging year for all, including the development industry, where consumer confidence took a hit in the early stages of the pandemic and migration halted. We all grappled with what might lie ahead and spent many sleepless nights working out how to retain staff, service clients remotely and keep the wheels of property, and our economy, turning.

As it turned out, despite the initial economic uncertainty, the industry has pulled through better than most and, whilst there had been pain, we have mostly survived in good shape. Given this has been the greatest worldwide economic event since the Great Depression, I am impressed with the way in which all sectors of our industry have been able to innovate, pivot and respond to Covid19. It is important that we take some time over the Christmas break to reflect on what an accomplishment this is.

In previous years I have taken time to acknowledge ratio’s successes in a range of projects, awards and key achievements by staff members. Whilst these feats are no less significant in 2020 than in previous years, I would instead like to take the time to applaud the resilience, tenacity and efforts of all of our staff in 2020. After all, it’s the manner in which our entire staff, all 65 of them, worked tirelessly during this time and through periods of great personal stress, which anyone who has suffered home school can testify to, is our greatest accomplishment for 2020.

From VCAT and Panel hearings, consultation meetings, presentations at Council or the endless Zoom and Team meetings we have managed to get through it, together with our clients, peers and colleagues. I know that this resolve has translated into continued success for our clients and I am grateful for the collaborative approach that everyone took in working out how to achieve success in the ‘new normal’. We have all seen the backdrop to each other’s personal lives courtesy of video conferencing and hope that this sharing of ourselves strengthens our relationships in the years to come.

We are immensely proud of what we have built at ratio. On the surface it may seem to be about being leaders in our fields of expertise, increasing our service offering and the incredible success of the merger with Message and the continued expansion of our Geelong office. But in reality, we couldn’t be any of these things without our people. As Directors we have worked hard for many decades to put our people first, honour their personal passions and ensure that their fulfilled personal lives translated into their best professional selves. Such an approach has been rewarded in spades as our staff rode the roller coaster of 2020 with courage, resilience, and tenacity. 

I am full of pride and cannot express enough my gratitude that we all made it to the end of a year like no other, with our sanity mostly intact. Although if you are like me, you’ll be a few kilos heavier.

So thank you for an incredible year and for your ongoing support.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas, along with a great new year with easier times ahead!


Author: Colleen Peterson, CEO

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