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24 November 2017

Airport Rail Link a Boost for Regional Victoria?

The Victorian and Federal governments yesterday agreed to commit $30 million towards a study on how best to construct a link to Tullamarine Airport.  The concept of a rail link to the airport has been on the table at various times since 1965.        What will be very interesting from the study is how the link/project will also facilitate better connectivity to our regional centres such as Geelong and Ballarat, as was mooted yesterday by Mr Andrews.

Physically separating the regional rail lines from our metropolitan lines is key to providing faster and more reliable rail services to our regional centres.  This is important if our regional centres are going to play a bigger part in catering for Victoria’s booming population forecasts and to relieve the pressure off metropolitan Melbourne.  It would bring Melbourne closer to our regional centres and would improve access to jobs, healthcare and education.  It would also bring our regional centres closer to Melbourne which would benefit regional tourism.  This goes towards achieving Principle 3 of Plan Melbourne’s vision to become a city of centres linked to regional Victoria.

The announcement suggests an investment in the long-term vision for the success of Melbourne and regional Victoria which is great to see.  Let’s hope the money for the study is well spent and the project is delivered!

We will continue to follow the progress of the plans with interest as they are developed.

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