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7 May 2018

A Year in Urban Design

One year in and we have achieved much in the development of our Urban Design team. It’s incredible how quickly time passes by and, before you realise, there is a body of work that has evolved which starts to tell the story of how the new team is achieving its foundations for a healthy future. Not only have we been busy catching up with old colleagues and building on our already strong network of clients and collaborators, but have also been actively building our vision for being a company that strives to make a difference in place making and the building of communities.

Below are two of our projects that have fostered quality masterplanned outcomes for connected communities in Melbourne’s suburban space.

Yarra Valley Country Club

This exceptional project delivers on a number of primary urban design principles and objectives, and sets a high benchmark for integrated development within the Middle Yarra River Environs. Under the keen support of the client, the development offers over 13 hectares of the 23 hectare privately owned site to publicly accessible amenity and parks, an unprecedented approach to any residential development in the precinct. Biophilic Urbanism, which fosters human contact with nature, was intrinsic to the resultant human-centred design outcome.

One of the fundamental influences is the blurring of boundaries between public and private interfaces, both physically and culturally. The sites integration within the arts precinct and cultural history of the land resulted in the inclusion of an outdoor theatre space which seeks to bring together the history of the Wurundjeri song and dance, with the modern theatre and dance of local artists.

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Golf Links Road Development Plan

A proposed development for medium to high density housing in the outer suburbs of Narre Warren, this project challenged the precincts objectives on how to deliver to the area’s population growth on an environmentally sensitive site.

An existing masterplan was presented to our urban design unit for analysis and reassessment of what can be achieved on the site. Our balanced approach to urban design and sub-divisional masterplanning produced a concept that was highly sensitive to the site's history and character, and produced a yield that was closely consistent with the original masterplan. Residential clusters were introduced to help break the mass of the dense development, to reflect the existing and evolving character of the precinct. The cluster forms allowed for permeability and solar corridors to further enhance wellbeing and provide a sunny sense of place.

The final layout creates significant view corridors through the site on a north-south axis, connecting with the existing northern neighbourhood and to southern landscape features.

This helped to reinstate Council’s in-principle support of the proposed redevelopment of the land, a key component to giving our client the confidence to pursue a development with a different typology and intensity than the surrounding context.

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