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9 Prospect Street


Box Hill
  • Client

    Box Hill Investments (Vic)

  • Council

    Whitehorse City Council

  • Location

    9 Prospect Street, Box Hill

  • Contact

    Travis Finlayson


Development Summary

ratio: was successful in obtaining planning approval for a 25 storey mixed-use development comprising 187 dwellings and approximately 3,000 square metres of office floor space designed by Artisan Architects at 9 Prospect Street Box Hill.  The 1,475 square metre site is located at the southern edge within the Major Development Precinct of the Box Hill Central Activities District.

The proposed development will make an impressive architectural contribution to the activity centre as the tallest building in Prospect Street with an impressive and varied curved and angular tower form.

ratio: in conjunction with Box Hill Investments (Vic) and Artisan Architects, worked collaboratively with Whitehorse City Council to obtain a planning permit for a development that will positively contribute to the Box Hill Central Activities District.  The support from Council officers and early consultation with nearby interested parties avoided the need for the matter to proceed to VCAT.