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8 Carnarvon Street, Doncaster


8 Carnarvon Street, Doncaster

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    Chen He Investment Pty Ltd

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    Manningham City Council

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    Chun Guo


Development Summary

The development sought to amend an approved 11 storey apartment building, to a residential aged care facility designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke.

Project Characteristics

The development is recognised as a good candidate for high density development, given its location within the Doncaster Hill Activity Centre. ratio: was involved in the initial planning approval, which was also designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke. We were pleased to assist the new landowner with the planning approval of a residential aged care facility. The amended scheme utilises the approved building envelope, but ensures the design better responds to the nature and requirements of the residential aged care use. It includes various facilities for residents such as a gym, hydrotherapy pool, GP rooms, with a rooftop function space and terrace for residents and their visitors enabling expansive views.

The building has been designed in a way that features resident rooms arranged around the perimeter of floors to ensure optimal views and natural light. The development is also well landscaped and presents an attractive and usable street frontage to Williamsons Road by providing planter boxes and seats.

The significant fall in site levels required careful consideration from Clarke Hopkins Clarke and our traffic team. The design response provides both vehicle and pedestrian access via Carnarvon Street, with a clear sense of address. It enables a safe porte cochere arrangement for resident drop off and reception / entry foyer in this location.

Ratio worked closely with the project team to ensure a well-considered and comprehensive proposal was presented to Council, which ultimately resulted in Council being able to issue a relatively expedient amended permit, following the withdrawal of the only objection.

We look forward to seeing this development built and contributing to the community in Doncaster.

8 carnarvon st doncaster 01 bw
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