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51 Langridge St, Collingwood


51 Langridge St, Collingwood

51 langridge street
  • Client

    PACE Development Group

  • Council

    City of Yarra

  • Location

    51 Langridge St, Collingwood

  • Contact

    Russell Fairlie


Project Summary

ratio: is excited to have been involved in PACE Development Group’s latest commercial development, located on the corner of Langridge Street and Wellington Street a prime location in Collingwood. The application involved the creation of a stunning 11 storey office building. It received a Permit in April last year and its construction commenced recently.

More specifically, the 11 storey commercial development will comprise the following:

  • 2,850sqm of office use across 10 levels;
  • Café on ground level;
  • 18 car parking spaces located within a two-level basement car park, accessed via Langridge Street; and
  • A generous provision of 44 bicycle parking spaces and end of trip facilities to optimise the use of bicycle transport as a primary means of commuting to and from the site.

We worked closely with the project team to determine the most efficient way to provide a car parking facility for this challenging corner site. The car parking arrangements explored include conventional basement car parking, fully automatic car stacker systems and multiple car lift systems. The car parking arrangement ultimately finalised is able to provide the client’s desired provision of parking, whilst minimising the construction cost per parking space.

The development seeks to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes and has the benefit of direct access to the Wellington Street on-road bicycle lanes, as well as the generous provision of on-site bicycle facilities.