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McKimmies Road, Mill Park


328-338 McKimmies Road, Mill Park

Mill Park
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  • Client

    Branson Group

  • Council

    City of Whittlesea

  • Location

    328-338 McKimmies Road, Mill Park

  • Contact

    Russell Fairlie


When it came time for Branson Group to design a traffic plan for “The Belmont Collection” master-planned development in Mill Park, the luxury residential property developer looked to ratio’s traffic team to ensure their residents would find movement around the streets and walkways safe and easy.

The 107-townhouse development, on the corner of McKimmies Road and Betula Avenue in Mill Park, was a draft concept plan when ratio began an initial review of the site. Branson Group engaged ratio to provide design advice for the layout and geometry of the internal road network, external road intersections, traffic impacts, internal pedestrian and shared path network, design of the garages, and the adequacy of on-site resident and visitor carparking.

With ratio’s extensive knowledge of master planned communities, road networks and experience across all types of property development, the traffic team begun by undertaking extensive traffic data collection at the key intersection of McKimmies Road and Betula Avenue, including vehicle queue length surveys along Betula Avenue to assess if access to/from the site would be impacted by external traffic. Furthermore, our team of traffic specialists conducted a crash history assessment of the adjacent road network, reviewed accessibility by sustainable transport modes, reviewed compliance against relevant standards and ultimately provided a detailed traffic report for the town planning application process.

“Our industry leading consultant team including DKO architects, Tract Consulting and Ratio Consultants proved invaluable in obtaining the permit for Branson to deliver a world class gated townhouse community in this rapidly gentrifying suburb. The success of this planning application and development can be attributed to an extremely collaborative approach between Branson Group, Whittlesea Council and Branson Group’s external stakeholders to overcome design, traffic and urban planning issues” said Ben Atanasovski, Director at Branson Group.

With ratio’s traffic expertise during the planning process, the McKimmies Road development was granted approval from council efficiently and quickly. For the future residents of “The Belmont Collection”, ratio has assisted Branson Group to create a safe and functional internal road and shared path network with safe access to adjoining roads, while also optimising dwelling yield and open space. Car parking for all 107 townhouses has been discreetly provided along rear dedicated access roads.

“One of the most seamless planning applications that we have experienced to date in amongst 20 years and over 50 development applications” said Ben Atanasovski, Director at Branson Group.

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