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21 Ellingworth Parade


21 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill

Box Hill
21 ellingworth parade box hill
  • Client

    Precision Property Investment Consultants

  • Council

    City of Whitehorse

  • Location

    Box Hill

  • Contact

    Sam D’Amico


Development Summary

The construction of an eight storey office building (over basement) and a reduction of the standard car parking rate.

Project Characteristics

The subject site is located within the Box Hill Metropolitan Centre and was therefore well situated for a high-density development. The site is located to the edge of a Major Development Precinct which transitioned to a lower-order built form precinct to the south; therefore, the challenge was to reach an agreed height with Council that responded to this interface while achieving a development yield fit for a major development precinct.  

KUD Architecture designed an elegant commercial building which activated the public realm by way of passive surveillance opportunities at ground and first floors. The curvaceous façade is a unique architectural theme, which sets the bar high for a commercial premises and was well-received by Council officers. The project team had to navigate several more nuanced issues in relation to the rear laneway interface, including car parking/loading areas, pedestrian access points, and service amenities. The result was a relatively expedient planning permit with minimal objections and a satisfied client.

21 ellingworth parade box hill